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Team Devonshire

We’re a top 10% hotel

We are delighted to announce hat we have won a 2022 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award, which puts us in the top 10% of worldwide hotels – the result of all the positive reviews we have received over the last 12 months. TripAdvisor’s award celebrates businesses that have received great reviews from customers from around the […]

Visit the Magpie Mine

Just under eight miles from Baslow is Magpie Mine, the last lead mine that was worked in the Derbyshire lead ore field and one of the best examples in the country of a 19th century lead mine.  Just outside the village of Sheldon, the mine has a fascinating 200-year history of successes and failures, with bitter disputes and fights resulting in the death of three miners; there is […]

Izzi of Baslow

Retail Therapy in Baslow

You might not think that Baslow has many shops to tempt you with, but dig a little deeper and you will find a number of retail businesses that are well worth a visit. Adjacent to The Devonshire Arms is Izzi of Baslow, a high-end boutique offering collections from some of the world’s leading designers including: […]

Walk along Baslow Edge

Set above the villages of Baslow, Curbar and Froggatt is the striking gritstone escarpment, which is 958ft or 292m above sea level. The near vertical sections of the edges are very popular with rock climbers and the trail that connects all three ‘edges’ (Baslow, Curbar and Froggatt) are enjoyed by walkers, mountainbikers and riders, alike. […]

Explore Eyam & Eyam Hall

Just over four miles from The Devonshire Arms is the village of Eyam, which was nearly wiped out by the plague in 1665-66. The focal point of the village is Eyam Hall, which has been open to the public for 30 years and is well worth a visit. This Jacobean manor house has been in […]

Derbyshire Well Dressings

Well dressing, also known as well flowering, is a tradition practised in some parts of rural England in which wells, springs and other water sources are decorated with designs created from flower petals. The custom is most closely associated with the Peak District of Derbyshire and Staffordshire. James Murray Mackinlay, writing in 1893, noted that […]

Unique Fawny Pale Cask Ale

This is not a volume produced cask ale that we simply add our badge to and it is not a cask ale that is served anywhere else under a different name. This is unique to The Devonshire Arms. Working with Eyam Brewery’s founder Gervaise we initially specified the desired style and flavour profile we wanted […]

Delicious Sea Bream

Sea Bream has a lovely flavour and texture, yet is so often overlooked. Firm and flavourful flesh, with skin which readily gives an enjoyable crispness to contrast the flesh. Always delivered fresh from William Howe, our local independent fishmonger, the delicious Sea Bream fillet is pan-fried and served with Romanesco, pan-roasted new potatoes, broccoli purée, […]