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Unique Fawny Pale Cask Ale

This is not a volume produced cask ale that we simply add our badge to and it is not a cask ale that is served anywhere else under a different name. This is unique to The Devonshire Arms.

Working with Eyam Brewery’s founder Gervaise we initially specified the desired style and flavour profile we wanted and the target approximate ABV.

We explained that we wanted a pale ale around 4.2% ABV with fruity and tropical notes. Gervaise then selected a unique blend of Blanc, El Dorado and Belma hops (not ones he normally uses) to give us the desired brew.

What has been created is Fawny Pale, which is a unique pale ale with soft fruit and tropical notes and an ABV of 4.2%.

The result is spectacular and extremely popular and is available on draught or in bottles here at The Devonshire Arms.

For more information about Eyam Brewery follow this LINK.