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Well Dressing in Derbyshire

The origins of well dressing have been lost in the mists of time, but it is thought to date back to a pagan ritual that involved gifts being left at natural springs to thank for water gods for their bounty.

Today, well dressing is an annual event that takes place across Derbyshire during the summer months when many of villages create stunning well dressings.

Well dressings are essentially collages, which are made by placing different coloured and shaped petals onto a clay mixture to form various scenes. Each village produces a unique artwork, but within villages organisations also create their own striking well dressings, each with their own theme.

The pictures can have a religious link, including scenes from the bible, or they can commemorate significant events or people. This year it is likely that the individual themes will relate to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Well dressings are often found near former wells or fresh water springs, but they are also found in village squares, church gardens and other local places.

To see a full list of all well dressings across Derbyshire follow this LINK.

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